The holidays are a time for family, friends, and fun. But for pet owners, they can also be a time to spoil their furry friends! There are so many ways to make your pet’s holiday season special. In this blog post, we will discuss five of the best ways to spoil your pet this year. From gift ideas to treats to activities, we have you covered!

Get your pet a new toy or interactive game

Whether it’s a textured toy, catnip-filled mouse, or puzzle game, your pet will love spending time with their new toy. Not only are toys great for playtime, but they can also help keep your pet mentally stimulated and engaged. Look for toys that are specifically designed for your pet’s age and size to ensure the best experience.

Some helpful hints to avoid toys that can cause health concerns including the following: avoid squeakers for pets prone to chewing or swallowing parts of toys; avoid strings (especially unsupervised) for cats, and remember that toys that are firm enough to not be indented with pressure from your fingernail are hard enough for your pet to break a tooth on. Laser toys provide eternal fun for most cats, and there are some automated toys (both for cats and dogs) that can be useful when pet parents are out of the home for many hours! Kong toys (the classic style) are excellent with low-calorie food inside, including cycling them through the freezer so that the contents entertain your pet for longer!

Buy them a special treat or food

Pets love treats! You can buy them a special treat or food to make their holiday season extra special. Ask one of our veterinary team members about which treat or food may benefit your pet’s health needs and lifestyle. Remember to avoid bones and antlers due to their many inherent risks to dogs. Small pieces of lean, cooked proteins and simple carbs are acceptable for most pets (depending on underlying health conditions and dietary sensitivities), and some fruits and vegetables are enjoyed by pets too (of course, avoid grapes, raisins, and onions/chives/scallions). Peanut butter is adored by most dogs and is great inside Kong toys, just use it in moderation and avoid the rare peanut butter that has xylitol in it (an artificial sweetener that is extremely toxic to pets; this is not common in standard brand name peanut butter but is present in some rare brands). Also, if your pet is on a prescription diet for specific medical needs, there are often treats produced that are compatible with prescription diets–please let us know if you need info on them!

Invest in a food puzzle

Investing in food puzzles for your pet can be a great way to add some extra stimulation and entertainment. Not only will it provide your pet with mental and physical stimulation, but it will also help keep them from getting bored and engaging in unwanted behaviors. Food puzzles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types that all work to keep your pet engaged, active, and entertained.

Plus, if you have a pet that eats too quickly or is overweight, food puzzles can help them to eat more slowly.

Schedule their veterinary visit exam and dental for 2023

Good pet care is important year-round, and this can be a fantastic time to get your pet’s annual veterinary checkup and dental scheduled for the upcoming year. You’ll be kicking off the new year on the right “paw”, and have one less thing to worry about in 2023!

Give your pet the gift of time

One of the best gifts you can give your pet this holiday season is spending quality time with them. Take them for an extra walk, play fetch, or just sit together and indulge in a relaxing movie together. This special bonding time will be not only fun for your pet, but also beneficial to their mental health and well-being. And, with the stress the holidays can bring, you’ll benefit, too!

These are just a few of the many ways to spoil your pet this holiday season. Get creative and come up with your own fun traditions or activities to make this holiday season the best ever. Wishing you and your pets a joyous and safe holiday season!

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