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Spay and Neuter

We recommend spaying and neutering all cats and dogs to help decrease pet overpopulation and provide certain health benefits. We offer these surgeries and can help advise you on when to pursue a spay or neuter procedure for your pet. We will discuss these surgeries during puppy and kitten visits and will help you plan for and schedule these important surgeries.

Because spays and neuters are performed under general anesthesia, we advocate for the importance of examinations and bloodwork testing prior to anesthesia. Equally important, your pet’s anesthetic protocol will be specifically formulated by the veterinarian who will be performing your pet’s surgery and will take into account any breed-related or specific health concerns. At County Line Animal Hospital, any pet undergoing an anesthetic procedure has a veterinary technician assigned to them, and their vitals are specifically monitored while they are under anesthesia both by anesthetic monitoring equipment and by their technician in order to minimize risks associated with anesthesia. Pain management will be assessed by your pet’s veterinarian and will be part of their pre-operative and post-operative planning and care. We know that it is never easy having your furry family member at the hospital for a procedure, but please rest assured that we are careful, conscientious, state-of-the-art, and experienced. We will care for your pet the same way we care for ours when they have surgery too!