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Vaccination is a gift that should be used judiciously and appropriately, and it is vitally important that your pet receive relevant and timely vaccines. Pet vaccines are also incredibly valuable in minimizing owners’ risks of acquiring zoonotic (“contagious”) infections from pets. We take the time to educate pet owners on which vaccines are recommended based on your pet’s lifestyle, as well as trying to minimize any risks associated with giving vaccines. We strive to be a helpful resource for you to track your pet’s vaccinations, remind you of when boosters are due, and schedule accordingly to make this process easier for you. For both our canine and feline patients, we will assess risk factors before determining whether any ‘optional’ or ‘lifestyle’ dependent vaccines are warranted, and we will answer any questions you have as to why ‘core’ vaccines are recommended. If your pet has a history of having vaccine reactions, we will discuss options and alternatives. Similarly, for our rare patients who are advised not to receive vaccines due to specific health concerns, we will discuss how the pet’s lifestyle should be adapted and what the owner’s risks include.

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