image of a dog

Advanced Imaging (Radiographs, Ultrasound, and Endoscopy)

If you’ve experienced imaging in human medicine, you know how incredibly useful (but also complex and expensive) diagnostic imaging can be. County Line Animal Hospital has provided digital x-rays (rather than print/darkroom x-rays) promptly for our patients for over a decade, as well as ultrasound and endoscopy imaging options. Radiographs are frequently obtained with patients awake, but some studies necessitate sedation or anesthesia to acquire accurate, optimal images. Our veterinarians review all radiographic images, then send them to a boarded radiologist for additional assessment if deemed appropriate for the health of your pet.

Ultrasound is almost always performed with the patient fully alert and laying in a cushioned bed for their comfort. Endoscopy is always performed under anesthesia. Ultrasound and endoscopy images are acquired by the veterinarian, aided by technicians attending to your pet during the procedure.